The five best beaches to visit in Pelion

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The eastern side of Pelion is washed by the Aegean Sea; this fact explains the existence of its beautiful beaches. The picturesque villages, which are literally located in the woods of Pelion, along with the Aegean culture in the coastline of the area, create alternative forms of entertainment and getaways.

To reach the eastern side of Pelion, visitors are expected to cross a distance about 55km from city of Volos or 110km from the city of Larissa. Although there are regular public transport services, a car or a motorbike would be ideal for those who wish to explore the area and move without limits from place to place. Roads in Pelion are narrow and full of steep turns, up hills and down hills, like in most mountainous areas. The construction quality of the road is good and sufficiently covered with asphalt. All you need to do is make sure to fill up your car’s fuel tank in a petrol station in Volos, as petrol and fuel cost about 10 to 20 cents more in petrol stations around Pelion.

Due to the fact that the route to Pelion is rather peculiar, we recommend visitors to stay at least 2 or 3 days in the area, so as to have ample time to enjoy the experience of exploring Pelion and its surroundings.

The area offers various accommodation facilities and many options to the visitors, such as camping (only available at Papa Nero), hotels, villas and rooms to let. Prices vary depending on low or high season; there are available rooms and apartments ranging for 30 to 250 euro per night. You may choose to stay either by the beach or at a mountainous settlement; whichever you choose make sure you consider carefully all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of accommodation. If you choose to camp by the seaside, bear in mind that you are privileged having ensured easy access to the beach, but this could be a disadvantage if you intend to visit the rest of the area; it is more time consuming to tour the rest of the region. Staying in a mountainous settlement provides faster access to most beaches, about 20 or 40 minutes ride, depending on the beach you plan to visit. Pelion and its surroundings, as well as all its beaches, provide the visitors with all the necessary facilities they need, such as grocery stores, coffee shops, pharmacies, restaurants and petrol stations.


The beaches you should definitely visit:

1) Agios Ioannis

By far, this is the most cosmopolitan and crowded beach in the area. There are many luxury hotels and apartments nearby, as well as restaurants and other shops.

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2) Papa Nero

A remarkable beach, worth visiting for its crystal clear waters and natural beauty. A small beach soccer stadium is also available in the area, suitable for every beach soccer fan.


3) Damouchari

Its rare natural beauty and the cliffy seaside, were two of the main reasons why the popular film “Mama Mia” was made there. To reach the shore you should first cross the small harbor.


4) Fakistra

A remarkabe small beach. Access by path.


5) Agioi Saranta

This is by far the most beautiful and picturesque beach in the area. It is without doubt one of the longest and most exquisite beaches in the region, with turquoise waters, surrounded by rocks which create natural shady places. The coast has cafes and a restaurant providing all the necessary equipment you need- such as beach umbrellas and sun beds- to spend a marvelous day in the beach. Nevertheless, feel free to carry your own equipment with you and prepare your day at the beach the way you feel more comfortable with.

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