“The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature on this colorful canvas”

Nothing has been praised more than the Thessalian land. Here, in the heart of Greece, in the land of the Thessalians, nature has gathered all of its magical attractions.The blessed fertility of the land of the Thessalian plane, the golden Greek light in which everything is bathed, the boundless peaceful beauty of the mountains and the waters.

Imposing mountains, such as Olympus, with the unique wild flower known as the Jancaea, impressive Kissavo. Unforgettable Pelion and the deep green Orthrys rise suddenly in front of you and your gaze wants to capture their peaks. Beautiful deep-shaded valleys, such as Tempe.

The giant centenarian grey-green rocks of Meteora, a miracle of the natural heritage. Beautiful rivers, such as the Pineios; Gorges; the Pagasetic fjord; and the endless deep blue of the Aegean beaches on the Pelion peninsula alternate in front of your eyes with a landscape that captures and stimulates all of your senses.

Lake Plastira on the mountains of Agrafa comes straight from a bucolic fairy tale and Lake Karla in North Pelion, with its otherworldly atmosphere amongst the ruins of ancient settlements creates a paradisiacal refuge for all who seek the absolute peace and solitude that only nature can provide. Elati and Pertouli, within the deep-green fir tree forest, constitute a unique travelogue in the embracement of the South Pindus region.

The Sporades, the gorgeous, lush green islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos seek to enchant us. The Thessalian land has many faces and its beauty is revealed as a theatrical extravaganza as soon as the curtain rises.