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Creative vacations with local style

Creative vacations with local style

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The backbone of the thematic fields of activities and of creative programs in general is coupling holidays with the participants’ learning of the subject area, depending on the discipline in the thematic unit they have chosen. We have made up a variety of unique programs for all ages: children, teenagers and adults, through which one can combine learning, creating, mental balance and occupation, with the advantages that the region’s and natures generous offerings.

The choice of destination of the peninsula of Pelion, along with the beautiful city of Volos and the surrounding Thessaly, enables participants to experience a different Greece. On the one hand from a morphological point of view: Mountains, seas, bays, beaches, islands, with their polymorphic nature, and rich intense environmental features, friendly for participation in daily activities.

On the other hand, to learn elements of Greek language through the rich Greek history and culture from customs and tradition. Starting from the myths, where Pelion is referred to as the resort of Olympian gods and the land of the Centaurs and the Argonauts, we are then led to the most important Neolithic sites throughout the Balkan peninsula, with many Neolithic settlements where strong activity has been recorded in all prehistoric periods, and we reach the modern Greek reality of today.

To travel through time and experience the activities of your choice, coupling the area’s natural richness with its sights. We have chosen the living quarters for thematic activities. Activities, whether they are done in areas with frugal living as the dominant feature, such as a custom camp, or made with comfortable living in hotels and tourist accommodation, can be provided and organised in arranged areas, depending on the needs of programs and activities. With these features, we escape from the narrow confines of “teacher – student” in a classroom, replacing learning with educational thematic activity and we transform the student experience into lifestyle.

Our philosophy aims at the implementation of the thematic programs and activities in Pelion, which will lead us in an intercultural communication and meeting between people from Europe, through their experiential acquaintance with the Greek language and Greek culture. The programs seek to infuse the Greek culture into each participant who wishes to participate and enjoy them.

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