LES HIRONDELLES and LEVENTIS HOSPITALITY e service (leventis 360o P.C.C)


By taking part in a tour or by using a vacation package that is organised by our travel agency, you automatically declare that you are aware of and accept, without reservation, all general participation terms complying with Directive 90/314 EEC and Presidential Decree 339/1996, which you are requested to read through carefully. 

These are the terms and conditions that govern all travel agreements between the client on the one hand, and the companies, hotels, etc., on the other hand, through the mediation of LEVENTIS 360o PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY  – LEVENTIS HOSPITALITY E-SERVICE . It is noted that LEVENTIS 360o PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY – LEVENTIS HOSPITALITY E-SERVICE acts as an intermediary between its customers and other entities (travel agencies, carriers, hotels, etc.) in order to ensure that the holiday-makers are fully accommodated by the services provided by our agency. Through their participation, all travellers, their family members and co-travellers that are financially covered by our agency, in addition to persons participating through companies, associations, unions, schools, and other organisations, automatically agree to the following terms, which they have read, understood and agreed to comply with. Henceforth the term “traveller”, which shall be used for the counter-party, shall also include organisations providing financial cover to members, pupils, employees or other persons they are related to in any way and for whom they are responsible in ensuring that the following terms and conditions are observed and accepted. Moreover, all travellers agree to observe the special terms that apply to special tours, exhibitions, conferences, skiing holidays, charters, cruises, etc. and are described in the specific tours, due to respective regulations that LEVENTIS  360o PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY – LEVENTIS HOSPITALITY E-SERVICE is obliged to observe as intermediary. 

The term “organised tour” or “package holiday” includes a predetermined combination of at least two of the following elements; namely transportation, delivery, other tourist services that are not complementary to transportation or delivery and represent a significant section of the organised tour, provided that said travel service has a duration in excess of 24 hours or includes an overnight stay and is sold or offered for sale at a set price. Organised tours and package holidays may also include separately priced tour services. “Organiser” is the natural person or legal entity that is professionally responsible for organising tours and sells them or offers them for sale directly or through a vendor.“Vendor” is the natural person or legal entity that sells or offers for sale the organised tour planned by the organiser.

“Consumer” is the person who purchases or undertakes to purchase the organised tour (main contracting party) or any other person on whose account the main contracting party undertakes to purchase an organised tour (other beneficiaries) or any other person to whom the main contracting party or one of the beneficiaries transfers the organised tour (transferee).


If you or your travel agent wish to register your participation and/or reserve one or more places on a tour or package holiday by LEVENTIS  360o PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY – LEVENTIS HOSPITALITY E-SERVICE , you should complete the RESERVATION FORM or send a confirmation by e-mail to our e-mail address or send a signed fax to our company’s fax numbers and make a down-payment equal to 30% of the trip’s value. By signing the reservation form or sending a confirmation by e-mail to our e-mail address or a fax to our company’s fax numbers you are also certifying that you have read and agree with the General Terms of Participation in organised tours, which comprise an integral part of the contract between LEVENTIS  360o PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY – LEVENTIS HOSPITALITY E-SERVICE and you. Said agreement is governed by Greek law and stipulations and the Greek courts of Volos shall have exclusive competence. The agency shall not be obliged to reserve places for bookings made by telephone or any other means not confirmed through payment of the equivalent down-payment.


Your travel contract shall be signed with LEVENTIS  360o PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY – LEVENTIS HOSPITALITY E-SERVICE  Ltd, which is committed to providing the separate services that comprise your trip, as cited in detail in your contract. Reservations are only valid if the respective down-payment has been made in accordance with the general terms. It is possible to make a booking directly with our agency or through one of the travel agencies in EUROPE that collaborate with LEVENTIS  360o PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY – LEVENTIS HOSPITALITY E-SERVICE and have been provided with a LEVENTIS 360o PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY – LEVENTIS HOSPITALITY E-SERVICE programme. Payments may be made in cash or by credit card (VISA – MASTERCARD – EUROCARD).

For bookings to be valid, full payment should be made at least 30 days prior to departure of each tour or package holiday or in line with the provisions cited for each tour or package holiday. Should you fail to pay the outstanding balance by the appointed date prior to your departure, LEVENTIS  360o reserves the right to cancel your reservation. For bookings made less than 30 days prior to departure, the value of the tour should be paid in full upon reservation. 

Our customers and partner travel agencies from abroad may secure their bookings via remittance to the following partner banks:

ALPHA BANK : ΙΒΑΝ: GR0201403100310002330002816  ΒΙC: CRBAGRAA

PIRAEUSBANK : ΙΒΑΝ:  GR0301712580006258138736139 BIC : PIRBGRAA


Beneficiary: LEVENTIS  360o Private Capital Company  – Leventis hospitality e-service

In such an event, a copy of the remittance should be sent along with the details of the travellers and the booked tour to our offices, at the fax no. +3024210 35030 or the e-mail:


We are convinced that we are able to offer all the services planned for each tour or organised package holiday, including the tour or holiday chosen and booked by you. Because the various provided services are prepared and planned long before departure and because we employ the services of many independent suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, cruise ships, etc., over whom we do not exercise direct control, changes may arise, which we may de facto have to follow. Such changes are minor. In the event of major changes we shall endeavour to contact and inform you prior to departure. Major changes entail changes to the time and date of departure (in excess of 12 hours), a stop-over to your journey or a lower hotel, ship, etc. category. In this case, the following three alternative options are made available: a. To accept the changes. b. To purchase a different LEVENTIS  360o tour or package holiday of the same or a higher value and to cover the difference. C. To cancel the trip and receive a full refund of the money you have paid. LEVENTIS 360o is not liable for cancellations to scheduled airline flights after the time of departure of the tour or for any other events that are beyond our control and which, despite our care and diligence, we are unable to avoid, such as changing to a smaller aircraft, delays due to technical failure, war, terrorist attack, social upheavals, natural disasters, strikes in various sectors, natural incidents, epidemics and embargoes. With respect to travel by ship, airplanes and trains and accommodation, our liability in all cases is restricted by the framework of the relevant International Travel Terms. Decisions regarding itinerary delays or changes may be taken by various state or other organisations resulting in delays and itinerary or flight changes. LEVENTIS  360o is not able to control or foresee such actions and therefore shall not be liable in these events.


A minimum of 15 persons is required in order to carry out the tours you have booked, unless otherwise stated in our travel programmes. The company reserves the right not to carry out a trip due to insufficient bookings or other insurmountable obstacles. Tours shall not be cancelled within 7 days from departure, unless serious grounds arise that are beyond our control (as cited under paragraph 4). Should we be forced to cancel your trip, you have two alternative options. a. Participation in another trip. In the event of a higher purchasing price, the difference shall be borne by the customer – traveller. b. Full refund of the money you have paid and release of LEVENTIS  360o from all obligations. Accounts relating to cancellations shall be settled by our agency at least 30 days after the cancellation date of the tour or package holiday.


In the event that you or a member of your group/ family cancels his booking, written notification of such a decision is required. The cancellation shall be valid from the day we receive your cancellatio in writing (with proof of delivery). In this case, the following additional fees shall be charged (per person):

Ι. For cancellations up to 50 days prior to departure, the following cancellation fees apply: a) Tours to Europe – Mediterranean, 30€ per person, b) Exotic trips, 40€ per person, c) Domestic trips, 25€ per person.  

ΙΙ. For cancellations 30 to 12 days prior to departure, 30% of the total holiday value shall be deducted. 

ΙΙΙ. For cancellations 12 days to 1 day prior to departure, the entire value of the holiday shall be deducted. Where charters, cruises, skiing holidays, exhibitions, conferences and similar international events are concerned, cancellation fees amount to 100% of the booking’s value, irrespective of the cancellation notification date. Changes to airlines or flights (from morning to evening, etc.) do not change the nature of the travel and do not comprise a reason for cancelling the traveller’s booking. If such changes, however, are deemed necessary during the trip, the participants shall be obliged to accept them. It is at the discretion of LEVENTIS  360o to make changes to the travel schedule with respect to departures at Easter, Christmas and peak seasons in general. 

We strongly recommend that you obtain a relevant travel insurance policy, which in addition to other useful coverage, shall also provide cover for most grounds occasioning a cancellation.

The following cancellation fees apply specifically to package holidays, whose destination is Pelion, if a reservation is cancelled from any part of Europe, which, depending on the agreement, may include flights – accommodation and transportation:

Up to 50 days prior to departure € 30.00 per reservation.

From 49 to 40 days prior to departure, 25% of the total holiday value.

From 39 to 30 days prior to departure, 30% of the total holiday value.

From 29 to 21 days prior to departure, 35% of the total holiday value.

From 20 to 7 days prior to departure, 60% of the total holiday value.

From 6 days prior to departure and onwards, 80% of the total holiday value.

For no-shows, 90% of the total holiday value.


Travellers may transfer their reservations to a third interested person, who meets all prerequisites for the organised tour, upon notification of the organiser or vendor at least 21 working days prior to departure. For maritime transport the transfer deadline is set at 10 days prior to departure. The replacement (transferee) and the initial participant (transferor) are equally responsible before the organiser and/or the vendor for paying any outstanding balance and any additional transfer charges. All changes, however, should be within the exact same framework and shall only be accepted provided that the providers of the services offered on the organised tour (airlines, hotels) accept the changes. For changes that are accepted an additional fee of 30.00€ per person shall be charged. Said fee shall be additional to any other fees charged by the various suppliers for this specific case.


Should you wish to make changes to your initial reservation after we have issued a confirmation, these should be made up to 30 days prior to departure. For changes requested within 30 days from the date of departure, it shall be necessary to cancel the reservation, pay the fees stipulated under the paragraph regarding cancellation fees and then make a new reservation. LEVENTIS  360o reserves the right to charge the sum of 45.00€ per person as communication expenses for making such changes.



All prices cited in the special price list and the reservation form are based on cost assessments and the exchange rates in effect at the time the price list was issued. In the event of extraordinary increases to air fares, exchange rate increases in relation to the Euro or any changes to the initial cost data, these prices may increase without warning. Prices may change up to 10 days prior to commencement of the tour, a fact that does not constitute a reason for cancelling participation.


For the organisation of tours LEVENTIS  360o operates as an intermediary and employs on behalf of its customers, airlines and other carriers, hotels, local travel agencies and other entities that it does not exercise direct control over. Consequently, it is not possible or just to hold LEVENTIS  360o liable for irregularities in the services provided by said entities, such as: Changes, delays or cancellations of scheduled itineraries of any kind and their direct consequences. Accidents, illness or disagreeable constitutional effects caused by climate conditions, inability to adjust to different time zones (jet lag), altitude, epidemics, food poisoning or inadequate cleanliness. Any difficulties that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances such as unfavourable weather conditions, strikes, demonstrations, coup d’etat, war, air piracy, fire, earthquakes, floods or force majeure events. Damage, loss or theft of luggage, personal objects, money or travel documents and any consequences from criminal or other tortious acts perpetrated against its customers. On the contrary, in the event of irregularities and delays that result in additional expenses, such as food, hotels, transportation, etc., LEVENTIS  360o is obliged to request that its customers, on behalf of whom it is an intermediary, pay for all additional expenses not foreseen in the initial travel schedule on site. The fact that LEVENTIS 360o is willing to accommodate its customers by covering the additional expenses they are temporarily unable to pay due to a lack of foreign currency, does not imply that it is directly responsible for these irregularities and that it shall refrain from lawfully requesting these sums from its customers upon their return at the end of the trip.


The main obligation of persons participating in group tours is their punctual arrival at planned events. In addition to other problems caused by lack of punctuality, it also means that the leader shall be forced to depart with the other travellers in order to follow the travel plan, on the one hand causing the delayed traveller to miss the trip, transportation or any other service and on the other, leading to the company’s denial to grant compensation for services not provided. Participants are exclusively responsible for obtaining in good time and safekeeping the necessary travel documents (passports, vaccination certificates, emigration permits, etc.) and the authenticity of their statements to the currency and customs authorities in Greece or abroad. Persons participating in group tours do not have the option to move to hotels not accommodating the entire group, even if they are willing to cover the difference in price. During the tour travellers are responsible for safekeeping their passports, money, flight tickets, etc. If you lose something, we will assist you in facilitating the situation in the best and fastest manner possible. All necessary expenses shall be borne by you. It is standard international practice for hotels in particular, to decline responsibility for money or valuables left in one’s room. In such cases special small safes are made available for use. 

With respect to the services provided by LEVENTIS  360o or LES HIRONDELLES in Pelion, such as the self-catering apartments and car, boat, motorbike, bike and equipment rentals, travellers should be aware of the following:

Upon their arrival or upon delivery of the service chosen or included in the package holiday, travellers shall fill in the requested forms for delivery of the service and provide the necessary guarantees, usually through credit card, or whatever else is foreseen by the service, which shall be returned upon termination of the service and inspection to ascertain that no damages or wear and tear were caused. 

The insurance policy for third party liability – accidents covering any accidents – damages that may be caused is separate and relates to each service separately (motorbikes, boat rentals, car rentals).


You are responsible for holding a valid passport and ascertaining the authentications (visas) required. Passports are necessary for all journeys. We even recommend it for EEC countries, where identity cards are frequently not accepted. Passports should be valid for 3, 6 or 12 months (according to the destination) after the date of your departure. The authentication guidelines refer to holders of Greek passports.


If you have failed to notify us of a disability or if your disability causes problems to the other travellers and your transportation, the company reserves the right to discontinue your trip without any obligation to provide you with a refund. If you have general health problems, we recommend you seek your doctor’s permission. Explain exactly which country you shall be travelling to, by what means (e.g. airplane, coach) and for how long. If you have a disability, make sure to notify us in writing during your registration. We shall endeavour to satisfy your needs. Our company cannot, however, be held responsible for anything that may go wrong or for any complaints you may have on account of your health. You may request information from our company or the local health offices regarding vaccinations required for the countries you are intending to visit; ensure that you have all relevant vaccination certificates with you at all times. Irrespective of any constitutional problems you may have, it is a relatively frequent occurrence in various places to suffer from minor or major stomach complaints, which may even be caused by water. Act on the basis of previous personal experiences regarding your health and drink bottled water. Finally, bring with you a small pharmacy with preventive medicine suitable for the various cases that may arise during travelling, such as headache, toothache, constipation, etc.


For any special requests, such as a special diet, the room’s location or a specific hotel service, which you regard as important when travelling, you should notify LES HIRONDELLES in writing during your registration. All necessary efforts shall be made to satisfy reasonable requests, though our agency cannot provide any guarantees.

         If you wish to complain about something during the tour, you should notify the tour leader, our local representative or the hotel and they will endeavour to satisfy your demand. It is not reasonable to make a complaint on your return, without previously expressing any objections during the trip, as we shall be unable to attend to the matter that is disturbing you and conflicts with our initial contract. In all events, if a problem has not been settled, you should complain in writing to LES HIRONDELLES within 7 days from your return by drafting a letter specifically relating to this matter. You are advised to also send us the code of your reservation.

   In particular, customers who have travelled by means of a package holiday to Pelion and stayed in LEVENTIS  360o or LES HIRONDELLES accommodation, which is described in the LES HIRONDELLES brochure, should necessarily inform Les Hirondelles prior to their departure of any operational problems they may be facing during their stay; Les Hirondelles is obliged, to the extent this is possible, to provide a solution.Travellers should be forewarned that LEVENTIS  360o or LES HIRONDELLES shall bear no responsibility for problems not notified on site and in writing to the Pelion branches. Consequently, in the event of failure to notify the branch responsible for the lodgings, these problems shall not be acknowledged after departure from the lodgings and neither the travellers nor any third parties, who have acted as intermediaries in booking the accommodation, shall be entitled to a refund. 


Printed travel plans shall be valid for the period recorded on the respective price list in effect and jointly with the price list containing any changes, corrections and information regarding the tours that are binding to all travellers. The final travel plan, services and prices shall be cited in the contract of sale, which shall be signed and mutually agreed by both parties, namely the traveller and the company. Travellers should regard the travel plan that was agreed during the information meetings and received along with their travel documents as the final plan.


LEVENTIS  360o or LES HIRONDELLES has concluded insurance policies for professional indemnity and the repatriation with an insurance company; the insured sums and the other terms and conditions are cited pursuant to the law in the contract document. ATTENTION: The company recommends that travellers take out private insurance for the desired coverage and sums, including life, accident, luggage insurance, etc., given that international agreements restrict carrier liability and compensations are not sufficient. In general, we are proponents of private insurance and recommend it unreservedly in all instances. Its mere existence provides the insured with security and certainty, which are necessary for enjoying travelling.


Great efforts are made in entering the various information and details in our brochure accurately. Both generally and specifically with respect to resorts, hotels, itineraries, etc. In spite of this effort, however, the owners or managers of hotels, clubs, restaurants, state organisations (responsible for museums and other archaeological sites) may change one or more details. Flight times may change. Excursions, guided tours, cruises or safaris may change due to local reasons. Even under similar climate conditions or times of year, etc., certain recorded details may not be available to the public or may not be on offer (e.g. closure of swimming pool on technical grounds, etc.) and our description in the brochure may not correspond with reality (new layout, avenues, etc.). Provided we are notified of a significant change, we shall inform you prior to your departure.



Our company employs hotels selected on the basis of their quality, location, the trip and the reasonableness of their prices. As there exists no internationally accepted uniform criterion for such a classification, hotel quality may differ from country to country, even if the category remains the same. For persons travelling alone, our company shall endeavour, without assuming any responsibility, to find a person to share a double room with. Consequently, 15 days prior to departure reservations for half a double room should be converted to a single or cancelled. In addition, three-bed rooms are essentially double rooms with an extra bed and are hence less comfortable. Therefore we recommend they are avoided. Unless expressly stated, all hotel accommodation is in standard rooms. In all countries rooms are available for use after 15:00 (irrespective of the traveller’s time of arrival). At the same time, travellers should deliver their rooms between 10:00 and 12:00 irrespective of their time of departure from the hotel. In certain cases it is possible to keep the room beyond 12:00, provided the hotel has available rooms and corresponding rent is paid. Many hotels and resort are continuously improving their buildings, spaces, etc. As you will acknowledge, it is very difficult to know the date at which such works shall commence, their extent, duration, working hours, nature and their impact on travellers at all points during the works’ progress. 

For Pelion in particular, LEVENTIS  360o or LES HIRONDELLES applies strict and specific evaluation measures to its lodgings and the services it provides, which often do not coincide with the classification granted by EOT (Greek National Tourism Organisation), the star system or the key system. 

Look out for the number of SWALLOWS, which is our own evaluation system for these lodgings aimed at achieving a uniform classification system and a better understanding and which takes into account buildings, equipment and the quality of provided services.

We are therefore solely responsible for this evaluation. Further information may be found in our brochures.


Meals during half-board trips may be in the evening or at lunchtime, depending on the daily schedule, so that any planned activities are not interrupted. Meals are usually “table d’hôte”, in other words a set meal. Money shall not be refunded for meals not taken. Special menus, such as vegetarian menus, are usually arranged, though we cannot provide any guarantee as this does not depend on us.

Drinks, unless expressly stated, are not included in half or full-board prices. You are kindly reminded to settle any personal accounts (phone calls, drinks, etc.) prior to your departure from the hotel. Under no circumstances shall LES HIRONDELLES accept to pay any personal customer accounts.


Flight time within Europe and the Mediterranean is limited. It is possible that if flights are full, couples may not be able to sit together. Every effort is made in order to satisfy all wishes. The flights we use may not be direct and may involve stop-over plane changes (connecting flights). The specific flights to be used and the stop-overs (or changes) shall be provided prior to departure. Finally, we are unable to guarantee the type of aircraft, as airlines reserve the right to change them at the last instance without prior warning.


Charters are employed when there are not enough seats to cover our needs or where they are advisable on account of their fares or their schedules. Chartered flights are usually the shortest and cheapest way of arriving at one’s destination. They differ from regular flights due to the seat dimensions (narrower), whereas the distance between seats is also smaller than in regular flights. Refreshments, drinks and headsets for music or films are often provided upon payment.


Irrespective of the type of travel (air, maritime or by coach), the agency undertakes to transport and cover the porter’s fees, provided there are porters, for one regular sized suitcase weighing 20 kg per customer. In addition to the suitcase, participants may also carry with them one small piece of hand luggage, whose dimensions may not exceed 53x26x23 centimetres (length, height and width respectively). In the case of excess weight, the customer shall be obliged to cover the difference. Hand luggage content should be in line with the safety laws pertaining to travel in effect at the time of travelling.

Travel documents

Prior to departure, you shall receive detailed notification of your flights, itinerary, hotels, etc. In the event of late registration (or payment) you may receive the documents at the airport. Times are cited according to the 24-hour system (e.g. 13:00 instead of 1 p.m.)

Certain information brochures in relation to the Pelion package holidays, in particular, may be procured from your travel agent, our website or upon your arrival at Pelion.

Additional expenses

These are mentioned in the price list and may include: airport taxes for Greece and abroad, visas, port charges and taxes (cruises) and/or special peak surcharges. 

You are requested to pay attention to the price lists and to provided symbol clarifications. 

Usually, every Les Hirondelles brochure is accompanied by a price list, unless otherwise stated.


Other important information

The very nature of group tours requires the creation of team spirit, a positive attitude between the travellers and a spirit of cooperation with respect to the schedule and the leader’s recommendations. Mutual understanding between travellers and a pleasant attitude during the trip are representative of the high quality and culture of Greek travellers and ensures the smooth conduct of trips. Our company has taken care to ensure the tour’s best possible organisation. Certain information that was provided by our company, however, may have changed, particularly during holidays (museum, bank working hours, etc.). The leaders – guides and our representatives shall inform travellers accordingly during the trip. In all tours, the leaders – guides recommend excursions during free time, which are not cited in the schedules. The cost of these excursions is determined by the leader – guide (depending on the level of participation) and is paid on site in currency. LEVENTIS  360o or LES HIRONDELLES is not responsible for any purchases and optional excursions that may be carried out during the tour, even when accompanied by our company’s leader.

For Independent trips travellers should gather all necessary travel information directly from LEVENTIS  360o or LES HIRONDELLES or the travel agent that made the reservation. If certain points are not clearly understood, we are at the traveller’s disposal up to his departure in order to provide all necessary clarifications.

For the Pelion package holidays in particular, Les Hirondelles or its partner supplies shall supply travellers with our company’s brochure, which includes important information on package holidays in the area, accommodation and a description of lodgings and the provided services. All Les Hirondelles brochures are accompanied by a price list. 

All the General Terms of Participation in an Organised Tour or Package Holiday cited above are also valid for reservations through the Les Hirondelles website. 

The present contract between the company and the client, the section on BOOKING TERMS as recorded in the websites www.holidays-in-pelion.gras well as the chapters on BOOKING TERMS-CONTRACT, IMPORTANT INFORMATION and GENERAL CONTRACTUAL TERMS, as stated in the websites of the company and the printed price lists of Les Hirondelles, are an integral part of the present booking terms. 

The client states that: I have read, understood and accepted the above “Booking Terms-Contract” and all the information in the BOOKING TERMS section on behalf of all the persons listed in the “Booking Order” and I certify that I accept them unreservedly.