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    We offer services with the seal or the Leventis Family since 1937.We continue to preserve and modernize the cultural and touristic heritage delivered to us from our parents

    Leventis Hospitality | Volos – Pelion

    The company organizes transport with owned buses to and from airports and ports and offers rental services with company-owned crafts, scooters, motorbikes, mountain bikes and a variety of leisure equipment.

    The company launched a new and highly successful initiative in 1992 with its organization of conventions, conferences and events in Volos and the Pelion region, European and national conferences have been hosted, as well as specialized conferences organized always in collaboration with teams of expert advisors from the respective field.

    Our accommodation booking and management system is fully computerized at the Volos central office, whereas today it possesses all the necessary electronic bookings systems with the largest worldwide booking record.

    Since 1984 “Les Hirondelles” issues its own holiday and activities packages every year.


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