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    Athleticevents, Specialized Events , Reward Trips ,Organizing of outdoor activities

    Congress & Event Organizer

    Congress & Event Organizers

    Plans every aspect of conferences, including marketing, organisation and administration. Conference organisers’ roles vary, but the work encompasses identifying potential business, researching, writing, planning and running all aspects of conferences on behalf of a client or own organisation. As well as planning a conference in advance, they will usually be present during the event to deal with any issues as they arise.
    Designing anything from online registration forms to floral arrangements
    Advising on anything from eco-friendly practices to appropriate registration fees Researching suitable venues and ensuring all necessary equipment is available
    Οrganising conference bank accounts, delegate badges, accommodation, tours, catering, exhibition and transport etc

    Speecialized Events

    Specialised Events bring buyers and sellers together to generate new business opportunities. If you are looking for new ideas, new suppliers, or just need to be inspired then make sure you check out our range of live events. In this age of online communications the annual tradeshow has become more important than ever.

    Athletics events   

    Greece, birthplace of the Olympic Games, is ideal for participating in a sport or taking part in events or games (sports tourism).

    In the recent past the country has frequently organized many large sports/athletic events (world championships, Pan-European games, significant international tournaments, etc), with the crowning event being the 2004 Olympic Games that were held in Athens.Apart from this ,many sport events also took place in Volos.

    In 2006 the “Committee European Artistic Gymnastics Team Championships for Men & Women  .” were organized  in Volos,Thessaly. And in the same city in 2012, The Panhellenic Handball Games.Throughout the last years many games such as the European Swimming and The European  Co-ordinated Swimming Games  were organized  having a big success.Leventis Hospitalty undertook successfully some of these great athletic events.

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