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    Business Management, Administration and Support

    Management and Support

    Our startup company, “Leventis 360o” is in fact a new enterprising action, typically new emerged but actually a fast-growing business, of which main purpose is to conceive the needs of contemporary markets and on the other hand to develop a sustainable business model, dealing with innovation and up-to-date products, services, processes and platforms. A startup company is usually designed to grow up effectively and to establish a brand-new and very promising business model. Although startup companies present high rates of business risk, there is a minority among them that manages to see its vision come true and its purpose be achieved, because they are strong with really big influence.

    Advertising and Promoting Business

    Understanding the various ways in which advertising can help a company create efficient messages to various target groups. Even when you sell the same product to different audiences, you need to adjust the way the message is presented and promoted. Thus, you can be sure that your advertisements will continue being attractive or that they may “educate” potential customers and help you protect and maintain your image and professional profile and fame in a most competitive business marketplace.

    We want you to realize the different ways an advertisement can be useful for a company that runs a touristic business; this is our main task.

    We will create for you targeted messages, appropriate for different clients of your business.

    We will be more supportive towards you, so you can assure that your advertisements will continue to be attractive, educate potential clients and preserving your professional image in the market.

    Our multi-aged experience in the sector of incoming tourism will guarantee that the incorporation of your activity in the market of Tourism is our primordial purpose.

    Business Management and Support

    The Leventis family was involved for the first time in Business Tourism in 1937, when Dimitris and Alexandra Leventis built what afterwards became the first hotel in Agios Ioannis, Pelion.

    In 1982, their sons Konstantinos and Stamatis set up the tourism and travel Agency “Les Hirondelles”. Originally, their main task was to make reservations for incoming tourists who visited Pelion and on the other hand to make any kind of booking and other travel arrangements for local people heading to various destinations.

    In 2016 family’s next generation founded “Leventis 360o” society, bringing new ideas and practicing all the up-to-date technologies; their aim was to provide businessmen of the region of Thessaly and visitors or clients with upgraded services.

    Completed  enterprise marketing research  

    It does not matter if your company is smaller than others. Whatever it is, it needs to get rid of the old-fashioned and to become updated!

    We need to have a research de profundis, so we can have the best results ever.

    Our company experts together with our external partners are always be in contact and make completed entreprise marketing research and economical studies dealing with running hotel business, very useful for the safest development and run of your company.


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