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    From whichever side one approaches this area, it will remain a challenge and the experience of a lifetime.

    A journey to Meteora is a journey for life. A visit by pilgrims to this holy and sacred place will bring you closer to God, to the creator, and you will understand that “in wisdom hast thou made them all”. The spirituality of the monastic polity is a panhuman quest and suits all people, regardless of their faith or religion.
    Their physical and spiritual presence lifts the soul and creates calm. The monasteries of Meteora, literally carved into the rocks, provoke awe in the visitor, but for the monks, it is their home and the path to “Theosis”, the union with God. Meteora gives visitors and pilgrims the chance to see aspects of monastic life from up close.


    “A journey to Meteora is a journey for life.”

    This stone forest, unique in the world, has since 1988 been listed as a World Heritage Site. The giant rocks are believed to have come from the sand and the stones of a river, which over 25 million years ago when Thessaly along with Hasia and the region of Grevena was a sea, discharged into the area of Kalambaka.

    Later, when the waters drew back, the massifs of the material that lay under the surface of the sea were revealed and distributed among many rocks, given the different physical and geological phenomena. It is in these masses of rock that the first monks found a refuge, from as early as the 9th century.

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