We travel the world, all over the world
So much to see… in such beautiful place


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    The Best

    Travel Experts

    Selected professionals in tourism, are the essential staff members in the company,

    Our Perfect Team

    Always with a smile and cheerful attitude to serve our clients in a modern work environment, they daily amplify their self-knowledge, their ability to set higher goals and make decisions, thus strengthening their personal status and position in the company as well as materializing the anthropocentric goals of Leventis Hospitality.

    Our Hotel and the branch offices of the touristic office, with knowledge and dedication for what they have chosen to bring to life next to us, during our demanding daily efforts we put into the business.


    By achieving daily strategic goals of the company, and having to cope with a strictly and increasingly competitive environment, with our everyday efforts we are led to attract tourists/experienced travelers, who are sensitive to the quality they expect and especially demanding for the services they receive.

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