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    The versatile landscape hereby invites

    Alternative Program

    Trekking - Walking -Climbing - MTB - Canyoning-Kayaking - Sailing – Horse- Riding - Archery - Diving

    Mini Boat Tour

    Discover the beaches of the East Coast of Mountain Pelion’s Peninsula with our daily boat tours! Starting from Agios Ioannis, we are exploring all of the south area passing by lovely beaches and tranquil bays, hidden by steep cliffs and vegetation, some well-known and some almost isolated.
    While tripping we will get enchanted both by nature’s beauty and the old traditional churches cast ashore.

    Admire the Green, Swim in and Feel the Blue, Breathe the Breeze of Aegean Sea, Dive in and enjoy the cool currents, Go snorkelling around the underwater, full of marine life, rocks!

    Don’t miss this out!

    Trekking & Walking

    In Thessaly, upon Meteora Rocks, a geological phenomenon of Europe, upon the mountainous area of Agrafa and specially of Plastiras Lake, Olympus, the mountain of Gods, and Kissavos, upon the mountain of the Centaurs, the renowned Pelion but also on the island of the Northern Sporades, there is a wide net of paths, where you can choose walking trails according to your expectations, the time you need to spend and most of all your physical condition. Nowadays, “kalderimia” consists the ideal choice for travellers that seek a more natural way of living, walking in a path that is ideal for hiking, in order to stimulate the spirit, and to participate in activities regarding nature, and to explore the mythical region by following an organized holiday program.


    Slowly but surely, climbing in Greece has been really very attractive.

    After years – when Kalymnos or Meteora was in the first rang – dozens of other beautiful Greek cliffs with immense potential are finally being developed, with an increasing emphasis on safe climbing practices. Furthermore, the relatively easy access, adequate infrastructure, stunning surroundings, and, more often than not, variety of grades, have made Thessaly and in particular Meteora a more and more popular climbing destination for climbers of all levels.

    Mountain Bike (MTB)

    Feel the earth

    Would you like us to ride through Pelion together and discover the hidden charms of the mountain of the Gods? Would you like us to cycle to Lake Plastira together? Would you like us to plan a trip according to your own needs through Thessaly on mountain bikes?  The choice is yours. Our experience and passion for a moderate approach to tourism and partnerships with people with common ideas and interests from all over the world is our strong point. The alternative tourism that we are attempting, namely activities based around experiences in nature is not simply an idea, it’s a way of life!

    Feel like the Centaur Cheiron

    Be enchanted by the beauties of Pelion and discover one of the not common sports, riding the trained horses of our partners. Horseback riding is done through the olive groves, in squares with ancient trees, traditional villages and areas of exceptional natural beauty. The old “kalderimia” that we will follow have been preserved through the passage of time thanks to the care shown by many generations of locals. We will trot through the traditional, small villages, pass through old monasteries and towers where we will stop to admire the landscape… Ideal proposals for an “alternative” vacation, within an organized program that includes your transportation, a light meal and a guided tour.


    Canyoning has become a very popular activity in Thessaly. Mount Olympus, Kissavos and Pelion are the most important places for canyoning, where one can combine swimming, hiking out of the paths, diving in plunge dives, natural waterslides, rappelling or abseiling. Canyoning has got the magic of offering a natural environment that there is no other way for one to access. You are in a bed of a canyon with waterfalls and pedestals, between rocks and trees. Of course, canyoning as your activity raises adrenaline as the technical side of activity is among the extreme sports.


    Choose a day trip exploring the eastern coasts of Pelion, cross the rugged rocky coasts, get into the caves, set Kayak on a small, long beach, the busy desert, and enjoy a picnic lunch on a deserted beach and look out for wildlife!

    Join us for a relaxing time on the water, discovering deserted beaches, secret coves and sea caves. All our kayak trips are carefully thought out to ensure they are fun and relaxing. All our guides are fully trained and experienced.


    Exploring the Sporades Islands, in Greece, the Aegean Sea, numerous islands, crystal clear waters, idyllic sunrises and unforgettable sunsets.

    The North Sporades islands are among the most beautiful sailing destinations in Greece just a few nautical miles from the peninsula of Pelion.
    The characteristics of the weather are the mild winds from May to October, the very good weather conditions and the calm waters of the Pagaseticus Gulf, ideal for relaxing sailing, that offer the opportunity for sailing both to experienced sailors, but also to visitors with no previous experience.


    Archery is the sport, practice and skill of using a bow to propel arrows. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat.

    The bow is an ancient weapon. Indications of the use of an arc as a weapon of war in the ancient Greek world have already existed since the early Bronze Age.

    In the mythology of Pelion, we find it in references to war use or use for hunting by mythical heroes and the Centaurs. The view of Artemis in the artwork is portrayed as new and beautiful, wearing a long sleeve, but usually short. She holds a bow and a quiver.


    The world of the sea is like a wise teacher that shares her secrets with her students. Dive with us and get to know the sea! Although it is not possible to learn everything about diving you learn many important things both about diving itself and diving equipment in general. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the rare and beautiful sea “underworld”.You will feel yourself dreaming of a fascinating world, so different compared to the one you are used to.

    Adventures in Nature with outdoor activities

    Combination of all-day activities

    The combination of green and blue, Pelion’s peculiar morphology and our deep love and respect for this place have inspired us to organize all day long excursions, combining leisure and sports activities, so as to give you the opportunity to try different kinds of alternative holidays.

    Try various outdoor excursions and feel the myth, traditions and local nature. Enjoy both the sea and the mountain every single moment of the day. Let nature cover you with its morning cool breeze and evening serenity.


    Sail to the bays of Volos and Sporades the Northern Sporades 

    Just make your choice of holiday, either in the sea of Pagaseticus Gulf or the Aegean Sea; the city of Volos and its port is a quite excellent starting point for any kind of expeditions.

    Greece… The Aegean Sea… numerous islands, crystal clear waters, unique images on the sunrise, unforgettable sunsets….

    The North Sporades islands emerge among the most beautiful sea destinations in Greece just a few nautical miles from the peninsula of Pelion. The characteristics of the weather are the mild winds between May to October, the very good weather conditions and the calm waters of the Pagaseticus Gulf that offer the opportunity for sailing both to experienced sailors, but also to visitors with no previous experience.

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