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    An otherworldly stone state on the west side of the Thessalian land. Huge, grey-green monoliths, four hundred meters high, a place unique in the whole world. Here, the senses are ruled by feelings that are strong and undefined. Southwest of Meteora

    Off-Road Adventure Tours - Daily trips to Pelion Get away from everything and enjoy freedom and adventure. Feel like a participant in an off-road trip with a prize and you'll discover that there are no boundaries, only challenges. Certainly, there are a

    Horse Riding in Pelion As the need for more contact with nature becomes more urgent a particular sport Horse Riding is gaining ground as a perfect combination of exercise and outdoor activity. If until now you thought that the riding began

    Pelion Sea kayaking The mythical ship "Argo" having Jason and The Argonauts on board, set off from the port of ancient Iolcus to seek for the Golden Fleece. Now the east Pelion coastline challenges you to become a modern Argonaut, discovering hidden

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