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      Train of Pelion – Daily trips in Pelion This…
    4 hours
    12 years+
    What more exciting  than  climbing and swimming in one of…
    Horse Riding in Pelion As the need for more contact…
    Sea Kayak & SUP Activities in Pelion What about exploring the…
    5 hours
    3 years+
    Pelion Boat trip “Poseidon Caves” From the coasts of North Pelion in…
    3 hours
    3 years+
    Pelion Sea kayaking The mythical ship “Argo” having Jason and…
    3 Hours
    2 Years old +
    Mini Boat Tour in Pelion Discover the beaches of the…
    €50 €50
    Half Day/ All Day
    3 years+
    Discovering the coasts of Pelion with your own boat! Rent…
    7 hours
    3 years+
    Meteora from Volos At the northwest edge of the Plain…
    Cooking Lessons in Pelion. If you want to hold on a…
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