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    Discovering the secrets of Pelion’s nature.

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    Discovering the secrets of Pelion’s nature we recognize, we touch, we smell, we taste
    We recognize, we touch, we smell, we taste, we participate with all our senses in a unique seminar on practical botany and beekeeping in the magical Pelion village of Lafkos!
    According to mythology, the Centaur Cheiron lived on Pelion. Half-man and half-horse, he was the wisest of the Centaurs and knew the art of medicinal plants, while he was also skilled in hunting and music.Over time, researchers have suggested caves with features that might indicate that they were the cave of the Centaur. One of these is located in the broader region of Milina South Pelion,close to Lafkos, another in Central Pelion in the wider region of Milies, and a third in East Pelion, in the village of Mouresi.
    Within this mythical environment, you will learn to understand the herbs that can be found in the region today.You will learn the correct way to collect the fruit and herbs from nature and about the beneficial and healthy greens that can be used in cooking, how to make oils and vinegars with aromatic plants for use in your cooking ,how to make traditional herbal creams that can be used as cosmetics and for medicinal purposes. Also,you will create bath salts, herbal oils for medicinal purposes, and various decorative items with flowers and herbs from the Pelian land. Finally, through practical exercises, you will learn to identify everything you see during your walks through nature. You will be able to take the creams, oils and bath salts that you made, home with you.
    In Pelion, there are extensive mixed forests at high altitudes with fir, beech, oak and chestnut trees and ivy. Pines and oaks dominate at the lower levels, as well as groves with olive, apple, cherry and citrus fruit trees with few grazing areas. By contrast, beekeeping is more profitable for the locals. In this class we will also learn about beekeeping and do practical exercises in the beehives while wearing special outfits.


    Program Identity

    Code: GREX05
    Description Discover the secrets of the Pelion nature: We recognize, touch, smell, taste
    Category: Rural/Serenity
    Type: Tour in the nature, educational and creative programs
    Area: Pelion-Thessaly
    Duration: 2 days / 1 night
    Accommodation: In a 3 star hotel/upon request
    Board: Halfboard (dinner)/upon request
    Traveler Type: Creative and educational

    The services included in the program:
    1. Transfer by bus/mini bus from hotel to Lafkos village and return (days 1 and 2).
    2. Short hiking tours in the nature with cognitive object the herbs and fruits in the land of Pelion (days 1 & 2).
    3. Participation in seminar- experiential workshop of botany with an experienced escort-teacher (days 1 & 2).

    Heli Mayr
    Wien Austria 2015


    Heli Mayr
    Wien Austria 2015

    Mary was willing, smiling, generously showing us her love for the nature of Pelion, the herbs and the flora of the region, which was conveyed to us during the entire duration of the program.
    We learnt about the plants and herbs, how to collect and use them in our daily lives.
    We baked bread in the traditional oven, while at the end of the seminar we were offered aromatic gifts and the fresh bread we baked earlier in our seminar.
    The village of Lafkos and the region of Pelion, impressed us from the first minute, and definately we will return to the natural landscape of the mythical Centaurs and the villages of South Pelion at the coastlines of both the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea.

    Tour Plan


    First Day

    Hiking tour Lafkos –Milina-Cave of Chiron-Milina. We will start our hiking tour from the village of Lafkos to Milina and the cave of Cheiron, making the necessary stops for collection and identification of herbs and fruits. We will participate to an experiential workshop based on the herbs we collected during our hiking.

    Second Day

    Discover the village Lafkos in South Pelion through hiking tour. We will visit the Radio Museum that counts over 140 collectible radios, manufactured from the early 1917 until 1960, the Fabeio Museum with sculptures and paintings of the “Lafkioti ” (coming from Lafkos) creator Thanasis Fabas, marble statues in the exterior of the museum, paintings, statues and portraits in the interior. Depictions with subjects from the daily life of the natives, their habits, occupations, the family roles (mother, wife), the struggle for freedom. We will see the bakery with the traditional wood oven of Ioannis Drositis, operating since 1970. The bakery is famous for the handmade goods such as pretzels, cheese pies, olive bread, tomato bread, cheese bread, all with fresh local products. The building which houses the oven was designed by the father of Giorgio De Chirico, Evaristo , and it is said that was destined to house the End station of the famous train of Pelion. Later in the afternoon we will participate in experiential workshop-seminar in order to learn to recognize plants and herbs of Pelion land in order to use them in our everyday life and improve our health.

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