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Horse Riding in Pelion

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Horse Riding in Pelion

As the need for more contact with nature becomes more urgent a particular sport riding is gaining ground as a perfect combination of exercise and outdoor activity. If until now you thought that the riding began as a sport of Western European nobles, perhaps surprised to learn that the first equestrian sports meetings took place for the first time in 680 BC in ancient Greece with chariot races, and since 648 BC racing were two of the ten events of the Olympic Games Be enchanted by the beauty of Pelion and meet one of the less prominent sports riding one of our well trained horses. Tours with horses will lead you through olive groves, squares with old trees and traditional houses.

The old streets that will follow have been held by many locals’ generations. We will trot through small traditional villages, old monasteries and castles where we stop to admire and enjoy a magical break close to the beautiful nature. Visitors have the opportunity to ride one hour and a half, choosing mountain or sea, in order to make a first acquaintance of riders with riding, namely the program that mainly choose novice riders. Then there is the all-day getaway or Panagiotiko dam or the railway station of Milies or Paliovigla Agios Georgios Nilias.

In the second destination, the purpose is to watch the horsemen arrival of the legendary “buck-passing”, as well as changing the camera direction with an original patent, based on an iron circular structure As the apple was the temptation for first created, so Milies which is the Greek name of apples are a challenging destination. Offering uniquely the product “two in one”, mountain and sea, the mountain Pelion will delight you and put you in a pleasant dilemma: Which village to go?

The answer is one: Visit and stay in all the villages of the municipality. It is a grave error to book a village, omitting another.



  • 1 hour and half hourse Riding
  • Experienced escort
  • Insurance and Vat

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