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    Walking and wandering with many tastes.

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    What is the first thing that comes to mind when hearing of Volos? Of course tsipouro in the sunshine, extroversion, a stroll to the port and the seaside road. It is no coincidence that the region of Volos and Pelion is famous for its gastronomic delights and it is refered to in the largest tourist guides.. Argonauts, excursions to nearby Mount Pelion and plenty of mussels crabs and other delightful seafood temptations…All these, with the accompanying aroma of tsipouro, which unlike any other drink, is silently engaged in every daily ritual. Small shops with all kinds of dishes that can please even the most demanding. A unique culinary experience for those who wish to know the typical delicacies that compose our local delicious palette.

    We created a full day program with a half day tour in the city of Volos having an acquaintance with the city’s flavors and rest of the day we will explore the imposing village of Portaria, always tasting flavors …Portaria, the lady of Pelion, as it is called, is one of the prettiest villages in the prefecture of Magnesia and one of the first tourist resorts in Thessaly. It is a beautiful village built in a privileged location with superb view on the Pagasetic Gulf During our tour we will admire the well-preserved stone mansions that are a real gem for the village and reveal the growth od the area, due to silk culture and trade. Portaria was the most important commercial center among the 24 villages of Pelion.
    Some of the most important mansions now occupied by public authorities is Athanassakio Kindergarten, one of the first that operated in Greece, Zoulias Mansion, which is operating as a Vocational School for girls and Tsopotei¬¬o Boarding School, which now houses the Town Hall of Portaria. The natural beauty of Portaria impresses every visitor.
    The day-long wandering will end in a traditional cuisine restaurant, with recipes passing from generation to generation by the traditional housewives of Pelion. Come and walk along the culinary wanderings we recommend.
    The above program can be included in any other program that visitors or team of visitors wish, in the region of Pelion as a half day activity. Also it can be executed for visitors that are already in Pelion with the service that offers Pelion Voucher and with the corresponding transport of Pelion Pass Voucher.

    Program Identity

    Code: GREX20
    Description: Walking and wandering with many tastes
    Category: Theme Routes
    Type: Food and Wine Holidays
    Area: Volos, Portaria Pelion-Thessaly
    Duration: 1 day
    Accommodation: Not included
    Board: Two meals (lunch and dinner)
    Traveler Type: Creative and Educational

    The services included in the program:
    1. Transfer by bus/mini bus from hotel to Volos and Portaria and return.
    2. Lunch in traditional tavern “tsipouradiko” in Volos.
    3. Dinner in traditional tavern in Portaria.
    4. Escort.

    Ήταν ένα χαλαρό περπάτημα στην πατρίδα των Aργοναυτών, στον πανέμορφο Βόλο στα πόδια του Πηλίου. Ένας μικρός περίπατος που τα είχε όλα και το βασικότερο είχε μια γαστρονομική επίσκεψη στα φημισμένα τσιπουράδικα του Βόλου σαν έπαθλο για την κούραση του περπατήματος. Μας συνόδευε μια γλυκύτατη συνοδός με διάπλατο το χαμόγελο στα χείλη της, που μας έδινε όλες τις πληροφορίες για κάθε γωνιά της πόλης και τα αξιοθέατα που συναντούσαμε. Θαυμάσαμε το ανακατασκευασμένο πλοίο της Αργούς, που βρίσκεται στο λιμάνι. Για την κατασκευή της σύγχρονης Αργούς συγκεντρώθηκε ξυλεία από το Πήλιο, το βουνό των Κενταύρων, ενώ χρησιμοποιήθηκαν εργαλεία και τεχνικές της αρχαιότητας. Μετά καθίσαμε σε ένα τσιπουράδικο «για να ανοίξουμε» την όρεξή μας.
    Ανεβήκαμε νωρίς το απόγευμα για έναν μικρό περίπατο στο μονοπάτι των Κενταύρων στην Πορταριά, για να καταλήξουμε ξανά πάλι στην πλατεία της Πορταριάς στο πιο φημισμένο εστιατόριο του Πηλίου…
    Τελικά η Χώρα των Κενταύρων και η πατρίδα των Αργοναυτών με την ματιά της γαστρονομίας είναι γευστικότατη…σε υπερθετικό βαθμό.

    Brigitte Kofler

    Wien Austria

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